Change Process List sorting in GlancePlus

The process list in glance is sorted by CPU usage by default. You can also sort by process name and memory usage (RSS). To do this, from the process list screen hit “o”. You will be presented with a prompt:

Go to 1) Process; 2) Transaction; 3) Thread option screen(1) :

Select 1.

You’ll now be taken to a screen that looks like this:


Display processes with resource usage:              Current Thresholds:

      CPU Utilization             >                 (0.0                %      )
      Disk I/O Rate               >                 (1.0                IOs/sec)
      Resident Set Size           >                 (20                 Mbytes )
      Virtual Set Size            >                 (500                Mbytes )
      User name                   =                 (all                       )
      Program name                =                 (all                       )
      TTY path name               =                 (all                       )
      Use match logic (and/or)    :                 (or                        )
      Sort key (name/cpu/rss)     :                 (cpu                       )

      Glance started or last reset: 08/18/2011  12:54:21
      Current refresh interval        : 5 seconds

Move the cursor down to the “sort key” field and type the name of key by which you want to sort. In parenthesis to the right is the current value. You’ll be prompted:

Set your user defaults to these values  (y/n/c)?

Press “y”.


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