Useful Links, vol 1

For my first act, I’ll give a brief overview of the sites I’ve put in my Useful Links section.

Doug’s Unix Notes

Doug’s Unix Notes has a lot of good information and step-by-step guides on older HP 9000 equipment and HP-UX.  Particularly useful are the notes on GSPs, Ignite, and LVM.

HP Information Technology Resource Center

The source for HP-UX, HP 9000, and HP Integrity information.  Need patches, drivers, or firmware?  Need to track your support cases?  The ITRC is for you.

HP ITRC Forums

The ITRC Forums are a great place to get advice from other IT professionals when you just can’t figure something out.  Actually, most of the time I can find an answer merely by searching the forum.  Chances are, someone has had the same problem and already posted something.

PA-RISC Information Resource

The PA-RISC Information Resource is the best source of hardware information on HP 9000 and HP Integrity servers I have yet to find.  Detailed specifications and hardware manuals earns this site a place in my bookmarks.

Rosetta Stone for Unix

Need to know how to scan for new hardware in AIX, but only know how to do it in some other Unix flavor?  The Rosetta Stone for Unix translates commands for common activities between 18 different Unices.

The UNIX and Linux Forums

The UNIX and Linux Forums are much like the ITRC Forums, but not focused solely on HP.


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